Scan-and-Go Payments with One Day Settlements


Multi-Channel Payment Processing


In Store



Extend Your Sales Reach with Multi-Channel Payments

Maximize sales by selling online, in-store, at delivery or pickup for secure orders and payments. Paytender brings convenience and safety to your customers and easy, quick payments for merchants.

Eliminate Risks of Abandoned Orders

Accept upfront payment for delivery and pick up orders with PayAhead. Send URL payment requests via text, email, or any online communication channel.

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Increase Cart Sizes and Gain Customer Loyalty

Why lose customers to ATM fees and long lines? Paytender makes the entire order and payment process easy, resulting in loyal customers and increased cart sizes.

One Day Settlements Directly into your Merchant Account

Get your money fast, unlike other payment providers.

No Rolling Reserves, Guaranteed

Paytender does not impose rolling reserves. Just simple and predictable fees.

Reduce Cash Handling

Less cash on hand means less time spent counting cash. Use saved time to service more customers and improve business efficiencies

View Sales Performance

Analyze sales performance and identify trends with access to visual reports. Sales are reported in an easy-to-view layout within your Online Account Center.


Nice Guys delivery

“Paytender’s PayAhead function has made it so much easier for our delivery drivers to successfully accomplish contactless deliveries. It has made deliveries so much more quick and efficient.”

Monica G., COO. Nice Guys Delivery


“The Paytender team has been an amazing partner, providing the best options available with equipment, hands on training and all hours support.”

Scott G., Silverstreak


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